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Payment Packages

Each tariff package of the NewBorn Center includes all necessary medical, legal, logistical and organizational services that contribute to the rapid and successful achievement of the goal. The specific choice of the package depends on the health of the biological parents, as well as their wishes. The quality of services and the participation of respected Israeli doctors are guaranteed in any payment package.


SSurrogacy with the ovum of a biological mother

This package’s price includes stimulation of the ovaries and transvaginal puncture of the ovaries of the biological mother, preparation of the sperm of the biological father, one attempt of IVF of the surrogate mother by the method of ICSI, compensation and monthly payments to the surrogate mother, payment of childbirth.

Additional attempts to transplant embryos or new cycles of IVF can be paid separately. Specialists of the NewBorn Center recommend freezing the unused ova and embryos according to the vitrification method. In this way you can cut costs if you want to participate in the surrogacy program again.


Surrogacy with donor ovum

In addition to the services of selecting a surrogate mother and IVF, the cost of the package includes the selection of a woman who is ready to sacrifice her ovum. The medication required for ovarian stimulation and oocyte removal are included. You get the opportunity to use of all the ova obtained in one cycle.

Guided by family values, employees of the NewBorn Center take clients’ wishes regarding external data and personal characteristics of the woman who donates oocytes into account. Our extensive database allows us to fully satisfy your requests.


Surrogacy using a frozen embryo

This is a convenient option for couples who previously underwent IVF procedure, but could not achieve the desired result. The cost of the package includes the organization of transporting frozen embryos to the country of surrogate mother’s residence. Specialists of the NewBorn Center take care to provide the proper conditions for this extra-valuable cargo.

Today reproductologists confidently declare: the success of artificial insemination does not depend on which embryo is used fresh or frozen (provided with the use of modern methods of freezing and cryopreservation). The preparation of a surrogate mother for the transfer of the embryo to the uterus passes in the same way as when introducing a fresh embryo.


Program involving two surrogate mothers

With this payment package, services are selected depending on the specific circumstances and goals of the biological parents. The tasks need to achieve one or two confirmed pregnancies can be set. At the same time, it is possible to use the ovum of the biological mother, donate oocytes, or use frozen embryos.

With the help of this program it is possible to reduce the waiting time of future parents. Sometimes our clients’ families are extended to two or more children at once. Of course, such events cause immeasurable happiness for the parents themselves, and for all the members of the big NewBorn family.